164 Days Left in 2021 (#31)

Marcus Stenbeck

Marcus Stenbeck / July 21, 2021

2 min read

We're more than halfway through 2021. Yet, I signed a check the other day as 2020. And then I said next month was September. My internal calendar needs some work. Anyways...

It's been almost two months since my last update. I've been busy! I'm building a new house with my wife out in the country. And I'm also visiting San Francisco next week. We're having a team offsite, but let me know if you're local and interested in meeting up.

At Vercel, I've been focused on building the Developer Relations team. Our first Developer Advocate, Delba, started a few weeks ago and is already doing an incredible job. Building a team is exciting.


Next.js Roundup


These are all over the board, but a few articles/videos I've enjoyed.