Don’t plan as if you could do things in parallel. You can’t.

Central idea: multitasking does not exist

Have long running goals live in one place together with other goals. You can only spend your time on one thing at a time. With that in mind, simply have only one calendar.

Ideas can come at any time and it’s important to get them out of your head and into a “idea capture” place as soon as possible. Otherwise they’ll either disappear or distract you from your priority. After capturing the ideas, move them as soon as you can into your schedule, some “long term” place like a blog or Trello or act of them immediately and remove them.

Make it a daily habit to prevent entropy, e.g. having too many things in your idea capture place.

One place for long running goals

Suggestion: One single Trello board.

Keep updates/pomodoro notes in the card and have the card be a goal or systematic habit. Use the “now” list to plan out a schedule that makes you deliver on the goals. Write as if you were keeping a third person up to date, because you will eventually lose context and later have to pick things up.

I have 3 lists:

Now Next Later
What I want to spend time on: health, work, side-project, hobbies. If you want to spend time on it, put it here. This is my rough idea of what I want to prioritise later. It can change. This stuff I'll start working on in 1-6 weeks. This is for "some day" things. I'm not 100% sure I'll keep this since anything in here will happen 6+ weeks down the line.

One place for todos/schedule

Suggestion: Google calendar.

Todos take time, so don’t put your todos in a todo list. Instead, schedule them! Put all todos in there unless your finish the todo immediately.

If you didn’t finish the todo in the scheduled time then move the event to a future time… it’s going to take up your time anyway, so try planning it. If it’s not in your schedule it will not happen.

One idea capture place

Suggestion: Smartphone notes app.

Have this for thoughts, writing, fleshing out ideas, but don’t let it grow. Have it as a goal to move what’s in here to your schedule, make a long term goal, act immediately or decide to throw it out. It’s main purpose is to let you capture ideas and inspiration when it happens and save it without messing up what you’re doing now. It will mess you up but this is your tactic to mitigate the impact of the distraction.